Welcome to the
Center of Applied Physics
and Advanced Detection Systems
in Prague

We are developing a basis
for the full scale range R&D
of ionizing radiation detection systems

Our team is creating a wide variety of pixel and strip silicon detectors with height resolutions, powerful chips for reading and processing of the electric signals and related readout electronics and software>, which can be used in wide range of applications: microdosimetry, radiotherapy, radiology, space dosimetry, neutron detection, gamma detection, alpha detection, etc.

Sensor Arrays Design
for Hybrid Detector Systems

We are creating a wide variety of pixel and strip silicon detectors with high resolutions and dimensions starting from 1x1 mm2 for the application in microdosimetry, up to 40x40 cm2 for radiotherapy and radiology.

ASIC Design
in Different Technologies

Our team is able to create small and powerful CMOS read-out chips with architecture and logics fulfills all requirements of a custom radiation detection system (CMOS 180 nm, CMOS 65 nm), including design for monolithic detectors.

Design of Read-out Electronics.
PCBs, flex cables and other ...

To get the final detection system we need to connect chips and sensors together. For this purpose, we are designing our own read-out electronics, PCBs, flex cables and other related components.

ASIC & Sensor
Testing and Characterization

Testing is a very important step in our development process. We are continuously testing each part of our detection systems at each step of the manufacturing process using modern professional equipment among which there is also a semi-automatic probe system.


Having good software for serving the read-out chain is crucial for development of stable and effective detection system. That is why we develop our own firmware, software for testing, calibration, and software for long-term maintenance of our detection systems.


To keep our detection systems up-to-date with the world's frontier technologies we participate in the research and development of advanced detection systems of ionizing radiation in collaboration with top international research projects.